Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub three boards on our tub

Well we draw to a close on one of our many projects. It's a wooden "tray" that we've custom fit to our bathtub for setting a cup of coffee (or wine, who are we kidding...) and a book. If it doesn't prove functional at least it'll look good!

All we did to make it was:
1. Cut three 1x4 pine boards (we salvaged ours from a pallet) to size after measuring the outer width of the bathtub.
2. Measure the inside width of the tub.
3. Cut two 1x1 boards to span all three boards on the bottom of the tray to provide support for the boards and keep the tray from slipping into your tub (that would be most unfortunate).
4. Attach the 1x1 boards to the bottom of the tray with wood glue or wood screws.
5. Stain your tray whatever color you'd like!

Location:Houston, TX

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A bright idea...

We just happened to stop in at a garage sale in Pasadena, and what should we find but two lamps that are, as Rachel puts it, ugly as homemade sin... It just so happens that, barring her dashing husband of course, "ugly as homemade sin" describes the beginnings of Rachel's favorite projects.

Stay tuned, who knows what it'll become.